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Lesson in sound: Introductory Workshop 1st February 2016

Thursday 28th January 2016


(Right) My Level 2 BA (hons) Animation students working hard, experimenting in designing race-car sounds using household items (!) The lesson here was to encourage them to think creatively by using sounds that are not obvious, breaking down their elements and then re-constructing them into something new.

My objective was to open their minds as to how creative and abstract you can be with Sound Design so that they can apply the skills to their own animated sequences. Whether building a soundtrack themselves in post or understanding how to communicate their ideas to audio professionals, my aim is to ensure they don’t underestimate the power of an original soundtrack to compliment their craft.

A great inspiration for this semester comes from the work of Ben Burt, Sound Designer at Skywalker Sound. Check out this documentary on how he approached the Soundtrack of Disney’s ‘Wall-E’ here and see for yourself how fun the world of sound design can be!


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