How to make your film “look” better with sound 3rd January 2016

A statement that sounds somewhat counterintuitive but sound is a commonly overlooked factor in freelance film. Sound tells a story, creates mood, drives emotion and actually makes us perceive the image at a higher quality.

Like the secret to a successful relationship it’s a fifty-fifty thing. Both sides have their strengths, compliment each other and make each other stronger. If you neglect one side, the relationship weakens as a whole. Amazing sound delivered in perfect harmony with wonderfully produced camerawork is a beautiful thing, should be celebrated and yes.. actually makes your film look better!

So, if you want your project to really stand out above the crowd, pay attention to both sides. Make sure you budget for those audio experts whose job it is to understand the deep intricacies of their craft and how to optimise all that hard work you spent on getting the perfect frame. Give your film the fighting chance it deserves, boost your credibility as a filmmaker and embrace the power of good quality audio.

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