Music for Bespoke Cycling 7th January 2016


Bespoke Store


Hi everyone,

Thought we’d tell you about a piece of music we were tasked to write for a recent promo video produced by the super talented – Graham Borrajo, Borrajo Media.

The video was for a London-based Bicycle company called Bespoke Cycling who specialise in high range custom-fitted bicycles. We travelled to the store in Piccadilly to record some interview style dialogue where we were able to get a feel for their brand as well as being awestruck by the science that goes into their craft.

Nathan was inspired from the visit to create a piece of music that resonated with the precision technology the company use – something that felt clean, “metronomed”, contemporary, metallic and electronic.

We are humbled to be providing audio for a new video very soon.

Check out the music below.

Music written by Nathan Lewis, C.A.M

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